Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters


Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters The Movies: Is the beginning of a brand new franchise of web series.

Head Hunters Spins off into: Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo and then a Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters web series.

The three series are very different, PT: Thirsty is written as a classic soap opera; except it has a major increase in action. The characters battle it out for their survival at every turn. PT: Taboo is also a action oriented drama; however Taboo is edgier; darker and more sinful than PT: Thirsty and then PT: Head Hunters will make it’s dramatic debut, filled with action, suspense and drama; Head Hunters is an over the top shock fest.

What makes Head Hunters so shocking? The formula is simple:

  • A very high body count that would make Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) jealous.
  • Rough sex, no love here all passion and drama, whether you give it or take it, your gonna get it.
  • Vicious characters, never turn your back on one; because everyone has knives ready to be used.
  • The dialogue is very biting and straight to the point.

The goal of Head Hunters is to get you to say, “I can’t believe that just happened!”

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