Tamar Braxton New Video If I don’t have you with Nene Leakes

Tamar Braxton New Video If I don’t have you with Nene Leakes

I’m not really a fan of the some, I actually like, “Let me know.” much better, wish Tamar did club remixes for her songs, she could benefit from some club/dance remixes and reach a broader audience. The video review; I love me some Nene but that was some bad acting; so bad it’s a must see. I love the look of the video and how Tamar looks and is styled. My only complaint is that Tamar switches from sexy to not sexy, it’s like I was applauding for her for all of the sex appeal but there are moments where she looks lost like she’s not sure what pose she needs to do or move she needs to do to keep looking sexy, and it switches to amateurish, but then it switches right back to sexy. So some editing could have gotten rid of those moments, and then I was confused because the video goes from a period piece to contemporary at the end, when she has her “Cassie” look, from a distance I would have thought it was Cassie. I always wish Tamar the best, the video is good, but I really want Tamar to knock it out the park, she’s the underdog, I want her to win.

She looks just like Cassie in this shotCJfp2MpWgAEA6kJ


This is Cassie for those of you that don’t know, one hit wonder for the hot song I still listen too, “Me and You.” She’s now more well known for her dating P. Diddy and Modeling




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