Star Trek 3 is in production and Star Trek 4 is a...

Star Trek 3 is in production and Star Trek 4 is a done deal

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Star Trek 3 just started production this week, and while we don’t know what it is officially titled or who’s starring in it, we know Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will be returning for a fourth installment. I suppose those rumors of the new Star Trekmovie concluding the trilogy are false.

While Star Trek Into Darkness was undoubtedly a success, Paramount had a rather tough time getting moving on a sequel. First, the series’ director, J.J. Abrams, left to direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Second, the guy Paramount put in charge of writing and directing Star Trek 3 ended up not being the right fit, so they dropped him.

Then, third, the contracts for the actors were no longer valid since, under California law, a personal services contract cannot bind someone for more than seven years. Most of the Star Trek actors initially signed their contracts in 2007, which means their contracts were rendered invalid in 2014, before production on Star Trek 3 began. That also means those actors got the chance to renegotiate their contracts and ask for massive pay raises.

Since the first movie released in 2009, some of the actors have become bigger stars and have starred in major blockbuster movies, like Guardians of the Galaxy. Their star power was raised. After a little bickering, Paramount and the actors settled on new contracts; and some those new contracts include the option for a fourth film. Out of all the actors, we know Pine and Quinto will be back for Star Trek 4.

Who knows, perhaps J.J. Abrams will come back and direct Star Trek 4, since he’ll be done with Star Wars: The Force Awakens by then.


Source The Hollywood Reporter

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