Phoenix Tremayne’s New Series Trailers & Movies

Phoenix Tremayne’s New Series Trailers & Movies

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty (PG:13)

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is for all intents and purpose a classic soap opera, with love triangles, multiple personality disorders, secrets, lies and murder. What makes this show stands out is that it is action packed, every episode these characters are in danger and at a moments notice have to fight for their lives. Get ready for a fun, action packed drama, that’s full of surprises.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty now playing 01 from Phoenix Tremayne on Vimeo.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters: The Movie (R)

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters is a crime drama that has spurned three spin offs, Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo and Phoenix Tremayne’s Hush Mode. In the movie you get to see the drama that foreshadows the coming mob war that can be felt in all of the spin offs, but what makes Head Hunters stand out amongst the rest is that this movie is bold, raw and defiant. It’s not for the faint of heart, rape, murder, drugs, prostitution and betrayal…. just another day in good ole Crystal Falls.


Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters promo 01 from Phoenix Tremayne on Vimeo.

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