Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo

Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo

Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo: Is dark, gritty and edgy!

Focusing on the Myers family; this series shows how insanity runs this crime family; in addition to that, The Hunter family from the Head Hunter series is spotlighted as well; and asks the question can you be Gay and a MOB BOSS? Taboo dares to asks questions you never even thought to ask?

Making this series different is the fighting; we’ve upgraded with great Parkour fighters. No green screen or wire work here, these guys can really flip in mid air and do lots of tricking. You have to see it to believe it.

What is the secret of Sebastian Myers and why does he want his son’s girlfriends dead?

The wait is almost over and get ready to try and solve the mysteries and questions of Taboo….

Phoenix Tremayne is a writer, director, producer, photographer and fitness professional; he created the website to showcase his web series, movies and photography as well as other exciting producers, film makers, web series and photographers. The site also provides the latest health and fitness information, healthy recipes, entertainment news, reviews and even pay per view.