Fear The Walking Dead’ Producer Teases Link To ‘Walking Dead’ As Season...

Fear The Walking Dead’ Producer Teases Link To ‘Walking Dead’ As Season 2 Episode Order Set

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The spinoff to the most popular show on television will be back for 15 episodes in its second season, AMC told the TCA today. The first six-episode season of Fear The Walking Dead is set to debut August 23 with a 90-minute episode, as was announced at Comic-Con. The second season will premiere in 2016.

The showrunner also said that Fear TWD would explore and explain to some degree how the government, police and military respond to the outbreak and collapse of urban civilization — a topic lightly touched upon in the “mothership series,” as one cast member today called The Walking Dead. As he had said at SDCC on July 10, Erickson reiterated that there were no plans “right now” for a crossover with TWD. With a laugh, Albert teased that there may be a TWD Easter Egg in a future episode ofFear TWD – but gave no clues as to what that link would be or when.

Source: Deadline.com

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