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Featured Phoenix Tremayne Web Series; Coming Soon/ these are shows written, created and produced by Phoenix Tremayne

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Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty (PG:13)

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is for all intents and purpose a classic soap opera, with love triangles, multiple personality disorders, secrets, lies and murder. What makes this show stands out is that it is action packed, every episode these characters are in danger and at a moments notice have to fight for their lives. Get ready for a fun, action packed drama, that’s full of surprises.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty now playing 01 from Phoenix Tremayne on Vimeo.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters: The Movie (R)

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters is a crime drama that has spurned three spin offs, Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo and Phoenix Tremayne’s Hush Mode. In the movie you get to see the drama that foreshadows the coming mob war that can be felt in all of the spin offs, but what makes Head Hunters stand out amongst the rest is that this movie is bold, raw and defiant. It’s not for the faint of heart, rape, murder, drugs, prostitution and betrayal…. just another day in good ole Crystal Falls.


Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters promo 01 from Phoenix Tremayne on Vimeo.

Ava is attacked by a rapist

This hot new series is a classic soap opera infused with lots of action to go with the drama!

Phoenix Tremayne's Thirsty Festival Promo 1 from Phoenix Tremayne on Vimeo.


Phoenix Tremayne is a Producer, Director, Writer, Photographer and more in Baltimore, Md. Over the course of his career he has written for a newspaper, one on one interviews with a celebrities, he had a long time local comedy, variety, TV series, “The Hot Spot.” It ran for 7 years in Baltimore and he later debuted, “Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty.” on DCTV.

Now he has made his presence known as a video blogger on YouTube, reviewing TV & Movies. The new website WebSeriesAndMovies.com will spotlight his work as well as the work of other talented, Bloggers, Producers, Directors and other talented individuals. We want this to be your one stop spot for entertainment both for free and we would love you to also support us by purchasing our Pay Per View series; which has bonus scenes, behind the scenes content and interviews from cast and the director.

Please enjoy our new series and spread the word, that your one stop spot for entertainment has arrived.

          “Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty“…….      Is a classic Soap Opera for a new generation.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is the first of four interconnected series that will have you on the edge of your seat; Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is a classic soap opera, with danger, intrigue, murder, love triangles and even a character with a multiple personality disorder.


Next up is the Phoenix Tremayne Thirsty spinoff, “Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo”

What makes Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo different from Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is that Taboo pushes the envelope and is an edgier and more shocking soap opera, also thanks to new Fight Choreographer Anthony Briggs, the fight scenes have been taken to a whole new level.

“Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo” is an edgier and has more advanced fight scenes than Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, it’s Thirsty out of control!



“Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo” is an edgier and has more advanced fight scenes than Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, it’s Thirsty out of control!


“Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters” is the movie that started it all, watch the movie and then coming soon: The New Web Series Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters will shock the hell out of you; it’s not for the faint of heart!

Head HuntersSoon the release date will be made public for the movie Head Hunters, this is the movie that spinned off into the web series Thirsty and then Taboo, soon a 4th franchise will be added Hush Mode, so if you like any of those series, you will want to see the movie that started it all.

Next Year Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters will also join the roster of web series as the most shocking and fiercest web series of them all.

“Phoenix Tremayne’s Hush Mode” is Phoenix Tremayne’s first series that tackles the gay lifestyle directly.

hush mode promo 1
Then there’s the new series in pre-production Phoenix Tremayne’s Hush ModeHush Mode spins out of Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo and picks up the story line where gay men are being gay bashed in the park. This series follow a straight reporter that goes undercover as a gay man to find out who the Basher is; at the same time suspicions begin to turn towards his sisters “Fresh out of jail, Husband, could he be the basher? Also will temptation become too much for the reporter and will his under cover work go UNDER THE COVERS?stalkerfiles season1 

Phoenix Tremayne’s Stalker Files is now Casting in Baltimore and DMV, check casting notices for more information.

The Comedy Series Twisted Reality Promo Reel


Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters The Movies: Is the beginning of a brand new franchise of web series.

Head Hunters Spins off into: Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty, Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo and then a Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters web series.

The three series are very different, PT: Thirsty is written as a classic soap opera; except it has a major increase in action. The characters battle it out for their survival at every turn. PT: Taboo is also a action oriented drama; however Taboo is edgier; darker and more sinful than PT: Thirsty and then PT: Head Hunters will make it’s dramatic debut, filled with action, suspense and drama; Head Hunters is an over the top shock fest.

What makes Head Hunters so shocking? The formula is simple:

  • A very high body count that would make Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) jealous.
  • Rough sex, no love here all passion and drama, whether you give it or take it, your gonna get it.
  • Vicious characters, never turn your back on one; because everyone has knives ready to be used.
  • The dialogue is very biting and straight to the point.

The goal of Head Hunters is to get you to say, “I can’t believe that just happened!”

promothirstystacyPhoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty is a spinoff of PT: Head Hunters

PT: Thirsty is a classic soap opera, updated for today’s audiences, with a Phoenix Tremayne Twist of 100% more action than you would see in your average soap.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty has all of the classic elements that made both Prime Time and Day Time soaps fun; Characters with multiple personalities, over the top villains, heroes in danger, ripped from the headlines drama and so much more.

The Women of Thirsty are great characters that you will want to get to know, The Ass Kicking Ava Kazadyne, The Super model Sabrina Monroe, The crazy Stacy Myers, Treacherous Erica Monroe, Damsel in distress Madison and Queen Bitch Belinda Hunter!

The men of Thirsty are ready for drama and action; The mysterious hit man Eric, The womanizing Dante, Cheater Rico, magnet for trouble Braxton and Mob Boss Damien Kazadyme!

Season one was just the beginning, Jan 2015 new casting begins for Season 2, if you are in the Baltimore, MD. Washington DC area check out our casting notices to see if there is a part that might be right for you.

Season 2 everything will be bigger, better and larger than life.




Phoenix Tremayne’s Taboo: Is dark, gritty and edgy!

Focusing on the Myers family; this series shows how insanity runs this crime family; in addition to that, The Hunter family from the Head Hunter series is spotlighted as well; and asks the question can you be Gay and a MOB BOSS? Taboo dares to asks questions you never even thought to ask?

Making this series different is the fighting; we’ve upgraded with great Parkour fighters. No green screen or wire work here, these guys can really flip in mid air and do lots of tricking. You have to see it to believe it.

What is the secret of Sebastian Myers and why does he want his son’s girlfriends dead?

The wait is almost over and get ready to try and solve the mysteries and questions of Taboo….

Phoenix Tremayne’s Twisted Reality is a comedy series, much like Saturday Night Live or the Classic In Living Color

Now Seeking Actors and Writers for the show:


The Comedy Series will also spotlight local: Stand Up Comedians and we will also have some Pay Per View Stand Up Comedian Specials!


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