Recommended Web Series
These are web series that were not created by Phoenix Tremayne but come highly recommended and are enjoyable.

You can watch the censored version for free or support us by getting the uncensored version with the bonus scenes

For your viewing pleasure here is the uncensored version for just 2.99 you get the complete episode and all the bonus scenes


A fan has made a movie based on the scenes just from Kal And Tariq a truly unique love story on TV; that was different because the characters were basically masculine, nobody in a dress, voguing or queening out. I watched the show and it really tried to be an updated version of Melrose Place (Apartment Complex and all) This story however stood out from all the rest, it’s good, it’s tragic and many people wanted a real resolution to the characters drama, but the show got cancelled, I have a feeling if it didn’t the story would have ended differently. Especially with the direction the story was in at the time it got cancelled.

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This is a very good web series that I think has been picked up for a television series. For a couple of years people having been raving to me about this series and when I finally took a look it was pretty funny, I can understand why Issa Rae is doing big things now.

Issa Rae is an American actress and writer. She is the creator of the YouTube workplace-comedy series Awkward Black Girl as well as Ratchet Piece Theater, The “F” Word, and The Choir

You can find out more about Issa Rae by going to her website: or visiting her YouTube page:

Season 1 of Awkward Black Girl bellow and you can watch season 2 on her YouTube page along with her other series.

Episode 5 was not available you can go to YouTube to see if it’s back online


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Very well done fan fiction that focuses on Nightwing (Whom most would know as Robin) He is going up against Deathstroke the Terminator whom you may recognize if you watch the Arrow TV series.

Why it’s recommended:

  • Nice costumes
  • Decent acting
  • Good fight scenes
  • If you love the comics; then you’ll see that the creators stay true to the comics (Pre-52 era) For instance Barbara Gordon is still Oracle.

This is the complete 5 part series but it’s left open for more potential videos stay tuned
You can go directly to their Youtube page at this link and you will find more videos with behind the scenes footage, interviews etc… I only posted the actual episodes: Take a look



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