Phoenix Tremayne is a writer, director, producer, photographer and fitness professional in the Baltimore/DMV (DC, MD. VA.) area. He is the founder of the self titld company “Phoenix Tremayne” (The production company) and the companion webpage, “WebSeriesAndMovies.com He has created and produced many TV series and Web Series such as, “The Hot Spot”, Which is a comedy variety series he wrote and produced locally in Baltimore, Md. for 7 years. The independent films, “Eden Lost” and “Head Hunters” as well as many web series that will be detailed below.

Phoenix Tremayne’s writing journey began at the age of 6 when he was introduced to comic books and then began writing and drawing stick figure comics of his own. As he got older his thirst for reading grew and by the age of ten he had read books such as “Moby Dick”, “Oliver Twist” , “The Hobbit” and many other classics.

Educational History: He went to Walbrook Senior High where he was in their broadcasting program, He also studied broadcasting at Morgan State University and and also production classes at Coppin State College. He was also a writer for the newspapers, The Gay Paper and The Baltimore Times.

Special Skills (Entertainment): Writing, Directing, producing, casting, camera work, video editing, special effects, lighting, photography and management.

Skills (Fitness): 2 Personal Training Fitness Certifications, Paramedic Training and a successful diet program that he created.

Phoenix Tremayne has 20+ years of production experience. 

Phoenix Tremayne is a retired Fire Fighter and Paramedic.

Phoenix Tremayne is the owner of his own Private Fitness Training Gym.

Phoenix Tremayne is an accomplished photographer and is available for exclusive shooting in the Baltimore and DMV area. His concentration is on creating a picture that is an experience not just another shot. Inspired by Derrick Blanks he has done alter Ego shoots for Actors & Models, his film experience has led to diverse green screen photo shoots and even provocative nude shoots where he has innovatively turned nudes into stone. He even has advanced to putting hidden images in photos so as people look at the photo they can continuously discover new and exciting things.

Green Screen Photo Shoot

Nudes to Stone

Alter Ego Shoots

Web Series And Movies.com will feature Phoenix Tremayne new Web Series & Independent Films as well as spotlight other web series that are really good on the web.

Phoenix Tremayne’s Head Hunters

Independent Film

Phoenix Tremayne’s Thirsty

Web Series

Phoenix Tremayne’s The Hard Truth

Web Series / Talk Show

Mission Statement: It is our mission to bring you diverse and entertaining web series and movies as well as keep you informed on what’s going on in all aspects of the entertainment industry and life. Our overall goal is to become your number one source of entertaining, innovative and creative original programming.

Coming Soon Phoenix Tremayne's Taboo

Coming Soon: The Stalker Files